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About Patricia L. Price

Patricia Price

Patricia L. Price is associate professor of geography at Florida International University.  She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Washington.  Connecting the long-standing theme of humanistic scholarship in geography to more recent critical approaches best describes her ongoing intellectual project.  From her initial field research in urban Mexico, she has extended her focus to the border between Mexico and the United States and, most recently, to south Florida as a borderland of sorts.  Her most recent field research is on comparative ethnic neighborhoods, conducted with colleagues and graduate students in Phoenix, Chicago, and Miami, and funded by the National Science Foundation.  Price is the author of Dry Place: Landscapes of Belonging and Exclusion (2004) and coeditor (with Tim Oakes) of The Cultural Geography Reader (2008).


About Roderick Neumann

Rod Neumann

Roderick P. Neumann is professor of geogaphy in the Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies at Florida International University.  He earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley.  He studies the complex interactions of culture and nature through a specific focus on national parks and national resources.  In his research, he combines the analytical tools of cultural and political ecology with landscape studies.  He has pursued these investigations through historical and ethnographic research mostly in East Africa, with some comparative work in North America and Central America.  His current research explores interwoven narratives of nature, landscape, and identity in the European Union, with a particular emphasis on Spain.  His scholarly books include Imposing Wilderness: Struggles over Livelihoods and Nature Preservation in Africa (1998), Making Political Ecology (2005), and The Commercialization of Non-Timber Forest Products (2000), the latter co-authored with Eric Hirsch.

About Mona Domosh

Mona Domosh

Mona Domosh is professor of geography at Dartmouth College.  She earned her Ph.D. at Clark University.  Her research has examined the links between gender ideologies and the cultural formation of large American cities in the nineteenth century, particularly in regard to such critical but vexing distinctions as consumption/production, private/public, masculine/feminine.  She is currently engaged in research that takes the ideological association of women, femininity, and space in a more post-colonial direction by asking what roles nineteenth-century ideas of femininity, masculinity, consumption, and “whiteness” played in the crucial shift from American-building to empire building.  She is the author of American Commodities in an Age of Empire (2006); Invented Cities: The Creation of Landscape in 19th-Century New York and Boston (1996); the coauthor, with Joni Seager, of Putting Women in Place: Feminist Geographers Make Sense of the World (2001); and the coeditor of Handbook of Cultural Geography (2002).

Welcome to The Human Mosaic Blog

Welcome to The Human Mosaic blog, a place where you can read about the latest developments in the field of human and cultural geography.

This blog is written by the three human geographers who collaborate to write The Human Mosaic:

  • Mona Domosh of Dartmouth College
  • Roderick Neumann of Florida International University
  • Patricia L. Price of Florida International University

Each post is categorized according to the relevant chapter or theme in The Human Mosaic and is intended to help you expand your knowledge of human geography.